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Content provided online

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) uses the ScienceGeist website to provide free public access to its weekly newsletter on science policy issues. The website takes the form of an organised public database of scientific articles.

The SNSF takes great care in ensuring the operation of the ScienceGeist website. Nevertheless, the SNSF shall not be held responsible for any errors, omissions, faults or gaps of any nature encountered when using the ScienceGeist website. As far as legally permitted, the SNSF shall provide no guarantees and accepts no liability in connection with the use of the ScienceGeist website.

The SNSF cannot be held liable for material or immaterial damage caused by accessing, using or not using the information that is distributed, or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information, or by the misuse of the connection or technical defects.

Furthermore, the SNSF is not liable for any damage or infection by viruses on computers or other terminal equipment in connection with visiting, using, clicking links or downloading data of any kind from the ScienceGeist website. Users shall be personally responsible for protecting their equipment properly against viruses and other risks on the Internet.

The SNSF reserves the express right, without special announcement, to change, supplement or delete parts of the site or the entire service or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

Visitor recommendations

Visitors to the website are able to recommend articles to be included in ScienceGeist to the SNSF. The SNSF shall have the right to verify all submitted recommendations and to decide on whether or not an article is included in ScienceGeist. Visitors shall have no right of appeal against a decision in this respect.

References and links

With the creation of the ScienceGeist website (organised, public database of scientific articles), the SNSF assumes a solely intermediary function as the distributor of information.

The SNSF shall not be responsible for any references and links to other websites. Users access and use these websites at their own risk. The SNSF hereby expressly declares that it has no influence over the form, content and offer of the sites that it references. The information and services offered by these sites are entirely the responsibility of their owners.

In particular, the SNSF shall not be responsible for the correct functioning of the links that have been published.


The information of the websites to which ScienceGeist refers has been made publicly available. The act of downloading or copying the texts, illustrations, photographs, videos or other data shall not convey any right over the content. The copyright and all other rights in the texts, illustrations, photographs and other data shall remain the exclusive property of their authors or the stated rights holders.

Data protection

To identify trends and improve the quality of the online services, a few non-personal items of usage data, such as IP address, the last website visited, browser, date and time, etc., are recorded.

During the visit to the ScienceGeist website, information is stored on the user’s computer in the form of cookies that allow the ScienceGeist website to be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. Users’ web browsing software allows them to refuse cookies, or to display a warning when they are used.

Legal validity of this Disclaimer

Should parts or individual formulations in this text no longer be, or not entirely be, compliant with current statutory provisions, the remainder of the document retains its validity.

The SNSF reserves the express right to amend the provisions of this Disclaimer at any time. The version published on the Internet is the valid version.

Applicable law and venue of jurisdiction

For all disputes ensuing as a result of the use of the ScienceGeist website, Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Bern.