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How is research currently being conducted? How is it evaluated and funded? And how is it published and communicated to other scholars as well as to a wider public? In the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of science policy topics such as peer review, open science, careers and reproducibility attract widespread media attention. This is an indicator of how rapidly science policy issues are moving and generating interest.

How to use ScienceGeist

Simply visit the website and browse through by scrolling down. The latest entries always appear at the top, and as you scroll down you move backwards in time. Each article is tagged with keywords that indicate the topic, the type of article, the source and the date of publication. If you want to go to the original source for further reading, all you need to do is click on the headline.

You can also use the website to filter and search for the tags that interest you the most, either by clicking on the tag or by searching our extensive, curated database using the website’s search function.

Note also the color code of the entries: dark blue stands for news, blue for opinion articles, gray for publications and reports, and light blue for blogs and web pages.

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Since the website is also meant as a growing collection of science policy articles, we would be happy if you also sent us any relevant articles that you find. This can be done by clicking on “Add to ScienceGeist” on the top left and then copy-pasting the link. Our moderators will check and publish your contributions to the website and newsletter.

About ScienceGeist

ScienceGeist is financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation, which has actively been monitoring ongoing issues on science policy since early 2013. This website now offers an interface to this previously internally curated collection of relevant news, opinions, publications and blog entries as a service to all interested readers free of charge. ScienceGeist is curated independently.

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